Meet Natalie Stevens
During my personal life journey, I have had times of challenge and difficulty myself, and found counselors to be incredibly valuable and helpful during these times. As an outcome of these experiences, I discovered that helping others was something I very much wanted to do myself. I have a deep passion for my work and I believe it is my true life’s purpose and soul mission. I find being a therapist very satisfying, and I see it as an honor to work closely with individuals who are struggling through some of life’s most difficult challenges. If you are interested in learning more about my professional journey and experience, see My CV for more information on the path I have taken to get where I am today.

I am also a mother and a wife and enjoy quiet time at home with my family, being outdoors, or hiking. I love nature, and being barefoot with my hands in the dirt, and am an avid gardener. I am a spiritual person and open to all faiths and denominations and support and respect each individuals’ unique journey. I am a health-nut and love learning about nutrition, herbs and remedies. I am also someone you may call a person of the “New Age”, as I am open to diverse ideas and seek out alternative forms of thinking about the world we live in; however, I am also able to be down to earth and can appreciate a more conservative approach to things. I find it natural to be inclusive of those who have differing opinions or beliefs. I believe it important to be non-judgmental and open to others’ ideas, and strongly believe that LOVE, COMPASSION, and EMPATHY are the most important of human values. These are the traits I strive for daily in my life and are at the centerpiece of my work.

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