I am located in The Hermitage, a beautiful 1920’s Tudor-style home near 46th and Binford, with views of the beautiful Fall Creek. The Hermitage is set on several acres of partially wooded land, and I have sighted several deer and other wildlife on the property. While this location feels like a retreat, it is centrally located and easy to access. The Hermitage is a Non-Denominational Inter-Faith center owned by the Franciscans. It is a place of spiritual healing, and you will feel the energy when you walk through the door. There is a peace and serenity to this location that drew me to choose this as a space for my work. I hope you will enjoy this yourself, and perhaps take a quiet walk on the grounds, if you are moved to do so. The Hermitage offers many classes and groups on topics varying from meditation and yoga to self-improvement, and various spiritual subjects. See the link below for more information on The Hermitage.

Hermitage Photo


The Hermitage